Vintage Silver & Enamel Travel Shield Charms

A few favorites from my Personal Bracelet Collection

Contains charms from my adventures. Mostly blue Scenic charms on this one.

This charm bracelet now has 3 charms on each link.

This bracelet houses most of my older style Italy charms. It currently has 3 charms per link.

We'll always have Paris...a celebration of France, Monaco. A study in Red, White & Blue

This is my premier Italy bracelet and only my favorite Italy shield charms go on this one.

I bought many of these on my first trip to London,,,where I saw my first shield charm bracelet in a Greenwich antiques market.

All older vintage silver in enamel shield charms on this one.

Viva Italia
In honor of beautiful Florence, one of my favorite cities. Immortale!

This bracelet includes charms from my Caribbean and tropical island travel. See new version of it.

My Italy necklace was getting too full so Rome was built in a day.

My favorite and most unique enamel shield charms from my collection landed on this bracelet.

Ski Paradise: Skis, Skiier, Snowflakes, ski Trams shield charms, skates, etc.

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